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我们的文化:Día de muertos

在金沙app官方版下载的四年里, 我学到了很多东西, 不仅仅是学术上的,还有文化和社会上的. 我明白了生活是用来生活的,而不是用来承受压力的. 我明白了朋友可以是任何人. I’ve learned that there’s more than an angry monster in teachers but actually a great friend. I’ve learned that if lights out is in 2 minutes it means you can go hang out, 洗个澡,把手机和笔记本电脑藏起来. I’ve learned to value the little things in life and not complain about little things like not liking food every single meal. I’ve learned that a school can become your home and the people in it your family. 我明白了如果你花点时间去了解一个人的过去, 你会发现每个人都有很多东西可以提供,都有故事可以讲.
每个人都有自己的文化. 即使他们来自你自己的国家, 我们都是不同的, and one of the most beautiful things in Stanstead is the variety of cultures, 这个伟大的组合来自许多国家, 大陆, 城市, 城镇和家庭.
今天我想向你们展示一点我的文化. Yesterday November 2, was the day that we celebrated the famous Day of the Dead in 墨西哥. 是的,我说的是"庆祝"和"死亡"一起. But what is it that makes “Día de Muertos” such a great and beautiful tradition instead of a creepy and bizarre party for dead people?
这不是在庆祝某人的死亡,而是在庆祝他们的生命, 他们所开辟的道路以及他们对我们的重要性.
When you lose someone close to you, you feel like your heart has broke and a big piece fell off it. 好吧, 那块可以象征这个人对你的重要性, and the hole you feel inside is their part in your life that now seems to be gone.
In the past couple of years, I’ve lost two of my grandparents, two of my great life teachers. 那是几个月前开学前几天, 我奶奶, 我最亲近的人, 去世了. All I could think about was how I would honour her life, for she meant so much to me. 于是我决定为她和我爷爷做一个祭坛.
The biggest symbol in Día de Muertos is the altar which is the way you invite your loved ones to visit you on this lovely night. 人们相信他们的灵魂会出来拜访你, 不是恐怖的那种, 而是为了让你感受到他们的爱, 让你觉得又和他们在一起了.
Día de muertos is about honouring the person’s life, but not only people, even your pets. Honouring the joy they made you feel, and proving to them that you’ll miss them a lot.
Día de muertos is a big part 我的文化 and I wanted to share with you this little part of me, 我的文化, 我的人. 如果你想知道更多,不要害怕问, 你会发现这个传统的魔力真的很强大. 就像这样, 花点时间去了解别人, 因为他们可能会向你展示比你眼睛所能看到的更多的东西.